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Wars of Fiction is not a wikia where you simply list wars from real life! Nor is it a wikia where you list wars from films or video games! No, this wikia is where you invent your own wars! They can happen in any place, any time, any way you want! Want the United States fighting against a fictional country that has taken over the entire Middle East? Do it! Want to pit Japan and the British Empire against each other in 1626? Do it! There is no limit... bring on the bloodshed!

And by the way, if you want to create a huge page for you to craft a database for a fictional country, feel free to do that as well! Have fun!

Crafting conflict, one war after anotherEdit

In real life, there have been almost 200 wars since 1900. A quarter of a billion people have died in conflict since 1900. It is time to rewrite this history, to show the world what could, should and would of happened. WE NEED MORE DEATH!

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